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The TriFound Outreach Program was created from humble beginnings. This is Deb Harris’s story of how and why she began this amazing program in her own words.

"A number of years ago, my husband passed away. About a year later I came to see my son Gary, the President and Founder of TriFound, about wanting to work in the customer service side of his company. I soon realized that a lot of what we were doing at the time was merely making rich people richer. I said to him, ‘Gary, I wasn’t prepared for what happened, and if you were able to help me, why can’t we help many middle class people instead of mostly just rich people?’

We had to figure out how to contact these people since most of our clients were acquired through acquisitions, mergers, and referrals.  So I designed the Outreach Program specifically to contact people whom we haven’t worked with and haven’t worked with any of their friends. When we contact people through seminars, surveys, or whatever the case may be, this gives us an opportunity to discuss some of the issues they may be facing, and it turned out that many people are facing these issues.

While many middle-class people may not have issues with a business that they own, their liabilities tend to be with Medicare or Long-Term Care. Our Outreach Program was established to help others understand these bigger issues as well as give an introduction to our firm. During a seminar or after a survey, we give people a glimpse of how the wealthy have been taking care of their money and assets for many, many years."

The Goals of Our Informational Services

  • Inform individuals of benefits that may be available to them, aside from supplemental healthcare insurance, including Long-Term Care Insurance, Medicare and State benefits.
  • Increase the general knowledge and awareness throughout the community about the use of such benefits.
  • Serve as a beneficial resource to respond to individuals’ questions and assist in providing or finding the answers.
  • Establish TriFound as a recognizable and helpful resource within the community by increasing public awareness of those services* available to individuals.
  • Services mentioned are not provided directly by TriFound. They refer to existing services that all individuals contacted by Informational Services received, such as Medicare, and/or supplemental insurance.

What to Expect from an Informational Services Meeting

  • Learn about tools and resources to help you better understand your health insurance coverage.
  • Gain insight regarding healthcare coverage to help ensure you’re receiving proper information to make informed decisions for your healthcare needs.
  • You do not need to bring any materials. We will provide you with an informational packet, which includes a section to take notes!
  • You will not be asked to purchase or change your existing coverage — these meetings are strictly informational.
  • It is our goal that each individual will leave an informational services meeting better informed about the rights and options associated with his/her healthcare coverage benefits.

Informational Services

Our Mission

Based on voluntary surveys conducted by TriFound on a continuing basis, TriFound has concluded that most individuals are unaware of their entitled healthcare benefits—these benefits refer to Medicare, supplemental insurance, State benefits and Long Term Care, and how they may be structured to work with one another to possibly achieve a more desirable or improved coverage.

Therefore, our mission to better serve our community by providing informational services to help empower individuals with the knowledge to better utilize their healthcare benefits.


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