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Discover the many opportunities to help you design your Legacy.

What do we mean by Legacy?

At TriFound, leaving a Legacy means more than just providing estate planning services for our clients. Of course you want to protect your house, belongings, and money so that you have something to you leave to your family, but it’s the intangibles that truly leave an impact. What’s important to you? What do you value in your life?

Maybe you value education and want to establish a college payment plan for a child in your family or maybe you have a family built company and you want to plan for it to be carried on after your retirement so that it can still continue to provide for your family. These types of things are what we truly value when we are helping our clients.
At TriFound, we help you establish plans, protection, and confidence so that even when you’re gone your Legacy, built on your values and priorities, will continue to impact the ones who are important to you.

Legacy Development

Legacy Development encompasses each of our other services in order to cover every aspect of your Legacy.

Income strategies are used to maximize the amount of money you’re living on and the amount you’re saving. We use Estate Planning to protect your assets and maximize the amount of money you would like to leave to your children or to a charity. Tax Planning is used to put our clients in the proper tax bracket by redistributing and integrating your money and assets to avoid tax liabilities. Our Asset Management strategies help to protect your assets from things like Long-Term Care, Probate, and avoid any unnecessary taxes you may incur. Finally, we offer Trustee Services through our CPAs in the case that you may not have or trust a family member to be your trustee. CPAs make great trustees because they are legally bound to act 100% in your favor.

Income Strategies

Our Income Strategies are designed to focus on you.

Of course, we want to save you money to leave for families or charities, but first we make sure you’re living comfortably on your income. We don’t want you to struggle while you’re here so that there’s more for when you’re gone. We want you to be happy, confident, and secure with your income.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning is very crucial in our Legacy Planning process. Our goal here is to protect and grow your estate.

We do work with trusts, wills, and other tools to protect your assets. We ensure that your estate is protected from probate, Long-Term Care, and taxes because the government doesn’t deserve to inherit your estate, your family does! At TriFound, we position your house, money, assets, investments, etc. so that you can continue to live with confidence in your protection.

Tax Planning

We provide Tax Planning services to help you redistribute and integrate your money and assets to minimize your taxes.

We assist you in entering the proper tax bracket for you by strategically positioning your assets and money. We also help you position your assets to avoid major taxable liabilities now and in the future.

Asset Management

Our Asset Management strategies help to protect your assets, minimize liabilities, and reduce taxes.

We discover the best way for you [to] position your finances and assets so you can be confident now and for the future knowing that nothing is up in the air when you’re gone. Our professionals are highly skilled and talented at working together cohesively to create the best Asset Management plan for our clients.

Trustee Services

We provide Trustee Services in the case that a client has no family member or friend to have as their trustee.

Our Trustee Services can assist clients with IRAs, life insurance policies, annuities, etc. so that they feel comfortable with what happens to the account. Accountants make great trustees in this situation because they are held to very high legal requirements to act on behalf of and in the best interest of the account owner. Since we provide accounting services from our CPAs, it is very easy for us to provide Trustee Services.


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