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This is our Legacy. We look forward to helping you create yours!

TriFound's Mission

TriFound’s mission is to design and provide a Legacy for each of our clients in order to benefit not only them, but what they leave behind.

The Meaning Behind Trifound

Our primary focus is helping our clients understand and design their Legacy that is customized to fit their specific and individual needs and aspirations. Every plan specifically created for each client is built around TriFound’s concept of using multiple interrelated services, which are often considered the three components of proper planning—financial, legal, and accounting services. When combined and positioned to work together, these three key components have the ability to offer a sound foundation, built to help you capture your present needs and further assist you in creating a superior Legacy.

The use of this concept is what inspired our company’s name, by “Tri” referring to the three components of financial, legal, and accounting services and “Found” signifying the full word “Foundation” in reference to a sound foundation that we create together with you for an enduring Legacy that meets your goals and dreams.



At TriFound, YOU are our sole priority.

In light of your desires, needs, values, morals, and what you value as important in your lifetime and after, our goal is to help you create amazing plans that will have a long-lasting impact your family in a powerful way.

Our highly trained and talented professionals are here for you every step of the way. We routinely review your accounts with you, answer all of your concerns and questions, and keep you completely informed.

In effort to find solutions that are best suited for each individual client, TriFound is an independent company, which gives us the ability to represent multiple carriers. This also allows us the ability to provide unbiased guidance in consideration the varying circumstances among our clientele.


Gary Harris is the President and Founder of TriFound. Since he began his career in the financial services industry in early 2000, he’s made assisting clients in achieving their legacy potential his top priority. In doing so, Gary has developed a strong understanding of his clientele, allowing him to accurately address the specific needs, concerns, and opportunities of each client.

“It has been my passion to educate those that are unaware of the benefits available through cooperative planning,” says Gary. “Each client has different goals and objectives, but ultimately the utilization of financial, legal, and accounting services remains consistent in order to create a long-lasting, effective Legacy plan. I’ve come across many people that use these services, but it’s all too often they don’t understand the opportunities available when using them cohesively.”


  • 2016Advisors Excel The Award for Excellence
  • 2015Advisors Excel Elite Advisors Group
  • 2014Advisors Excel Elite Advisors Group & The Award for Excellence
  • 2013Advisors Excel Elite Advisors Group & The Award for Excellence
  • 2011Allianz Outstanding Customer Service Award


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